Navelina Orange

The Californian Navelina Orange is one of the Navel-type oranges. Trees have a strong structure and development. Efficient and two weeks earlier than Washington. Fruits are smaller, oval shaped and lower in size than Washington Navel. The amount of sugar is 11.2%, the amount of acid is 0.89%, and the sugar / acid ratio is 12.6. The roundabout is one of the earliest in the oranges. The inner maturity reaches before the crust color. Tiling is problem-free. It reaches in mid-October to acceptable internal quality standards in Spain. At early ages the fruit lies. Newhall is marketed with the same label, even if it has slightly different characteristics. Navelina and Newhall account for 55% of the orange production of Spain. It is a late species for exports to Europe. It has been a promising kind of lately in Australia.