An annual, scrawny, grassy summer fruit that opens small yellow flowers in the spring. The leeches are branching. Leaves are heart and kidney shaped, 3-5 lobes, large and hairy. The flowers are a sexual and a housewife and they come out of the seat of the leaves. Fruits are in various shapes and colors (usually yellow). The nuclei are long, ellipsoidal or oval shaped.

The main land of Kavun is Central Asia. In the tropic and temperate regions of the world, cultures are being cultivated. The main homeland of the world famous Cantaloupe melon is Van and Diyarbakır region. However, this melon variety, which was seen in Italy in the 16th century, is referred to as "kantalup" in the west because it was cultivated in Cantalupa near Rome. It is the most held up in Europe. In our country, a great variety of melons are made in agriculture.